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Providing a simple, inexpensive platelet function test

If you take or prescribe anti-platelet drugs like aspirin, Plavix®, Effient®, or Brilinta®, shouldn't you know if it's working? 

Doctor, Platelet Function Monitoring in Houston, TX

Why Measure Platelet Function
Plavix is the second most commonly prescribed medication.  It is used to decrease platelet stickiness to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and stent occlusions.  However, according to the FDA's mandated "black box" warning on the Plavix label, over 30% of takers are poorly responsive to the drug and are left unprotected.  Ten to fifteen percent of aspirin takers are also non-responsive to their aspirin.  Shouldn't you know if these critical drugs are working? 

Now you can.  Aggredyne's AggreGuide is a patented, simple, fast, and inexpensive blood test that can measure how sticky (aggregable) platelets are and how well a patient's anti-platelet medications are working, allowing physicians to personalize their patient's anti-platelet therapy.  The AggreGuide A-100 is now FDA cleared along with CE Marked and is being made available worldwide. 





  • FDA Clearance: AggreGuide A-100 & AA test


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*The AggreGuide A-100 and AA Assay are now FDA cleared.