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The AggreGuide A-100 is a simple, inexpensive, rapid analyzer that measures a patient’s platelet function in terms of tendency to aggregate.

Many patients are directed to use anti-platelet drugs in order to cause platelet “dysfunction” so as to lower the risk of circulatory blockages that result in strokes, heart attacks, or other dangerous events. However, not all patients respond to anti-platelet drugs to the same degree, and this can leave a significant fraction of these patients unprotected.

The A-100 can measure the presence or absence of a patient’s response to anti-platelet therapy.

This information can help improve clinical decisions regarding a patient’s anti-platelet therapy.  The A-100 provides these results in less than five minutes using a one-time-use disposable cartridge. Conducting the test requires little hands-on time and uses a small blood sample from a single standard blue tube of whole blood. Starting the test requires no centrifugation or blood preparation, and no reagent mixing by the user.